The first edition of ClassiX Festival

Business and music have always been synergistic.

Between February 16th and February 22nd 2020, the first edition of ClassiX Festival was held in Iași, Romania, welcoming over 20 musicians from Norway, Romania and other 8 countries, and including panels dedicated to business and education that gathered diplomats, entrepreneurs, professors, and representatives of public authorities.

ClassiX Festival was founded by Dragoș Andrei Cantea, Romanian pianist working and studying in Oslo and Artistic Director of the festival, and organized with the help of Asociația Industrii Creative from Iași. The project brought together a wide array of partners: the Royal Norwegian Embassy to Romania, the Norwegian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce, the Norwegian Academy of Music, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Bucharest, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Trondheim Solistene, DAC Music Performance, the Mayor House of Iasi, “George Enescu” Arts University of Iasi, Iasi Philharmonic, the Iasi Athaeneum, “Mihai Eminescu” Central University Library of Iasi, the Culture Palace of Iasi, the Roman-Catholic Diocese of Iasi, “Moldova” National Museum Complex of Iasi, Rotary IASI Curtea Domneasca, Bellaria Hotel, GRAMMA, Time Out, Cuptorul Moldovencei, SaptePremium, AQUA Carpatica, Garage -Rent a Dress-, Fab Lab Iasi, Iulius Mall Iasi, Rotaract Iasi Curtea Domneasca, Premium Nordic Cars – Dealer Volvo Iasi, Ambra Sign, Levant Construct, Basware, Travis Tourism, Freedom House România, Radio România Cultural, Revista FPM, Ziarul de Iasi, IasiFun, Radio Iaşi, Vocile 2.0, Viva FM Iași, RadioHit Iasi, WINK Public Multimedia, TVR Iasi.

The program of the festival included a series of concerts and debates, as follows:

The concerts:
16.02 – Uman și Divin [Human and Divine]
17.02 – Concertul Romantic [The Romantic Concert]
18.02 – Armonii Nordice [Nordic Harmonies]
19.02 – Clasic sau Fantastic? [Classic or Fantastic?]
20.02 – Visul American la Două Piane [The American Dream Played on Two Pianos]
21.02 – Concertul Evreiesc [The Jewish Concert]
22.02 – Clasicul Transfigurat [The Transfigured Concert]

The debates:
17.02 – Classix in Focus: The Future of Classical Music
18.02 – Classix in Focus: Nordic Tourism
19.02 – Classix in Focus: Concert Production & Creative Entrepreneurship
21.02 – Classix in Focus: The Art of Living on Art

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