Promoting the development of commercial
relations between Norway and Romania

Reasons to join us

NOROCC is a place where Romanian and Norwegian businesses can network, look for business partners, and acquire information on specific business opportunities. It also serves as a forum for international visitors who want to address Romanian and Norwegian business and political leaders. The Chamber is working to build a better business climate and increase incentives for foreign investors to Romania.

Help Increase Your

For many individuals and businesses coming to Norway for the first time, a visit to the chamber of commerce and industry is almost always on their to do list.

Network and meet new contacts and clients

Perhaps one of the most tangible benefits of membership is that the Norocc opens doors for you and your business.

Keep you informed with changes in legislation

Since the chamber is represented on several comittees it has an economic early warning system as to proposed changes to legislation.

Raise your profile. Members of norocc are kept abreast of newsworthy stories about local businesses, particularly if they are issue-related and impact on a sector as a whole.

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