NOROCC is a member of the the European Union Chambers of Commerce in Norway (EUCCN)

In April 2018 NOROCC has become a member of the European Union Chambers of Commerce in Norway (EUCCN) and Mr. Ionuț Eriksen, President of NOROCC, has become a member of the Executive Board of EUCCN.

EUCCN Executive Board meeting. From left: Robert Laan (Poland), Luc Bodet (France), Tom Christiansen (Ireland and the EUCCN founder 19 years ago), Ionut Eriksen (Romania), Aase Herkules (Spain), and Tom O. Kleppesto (Lithuania).

EUCCN was founded around year 2000 by five existing bilateral Chambers of Commerce, which decided to work together to better represent European economic interest in Norway. The founding members were the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, the Norwegian-Spanish Chamber of Commerce, the Norwegian-Irish Business Association, the French – Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, and the British Chamber of Commerce.


Members of executive board EUCCN in 2018

Today the group consists of 20 members, representing EU-member states. They organize joint events such as seminars, conferences and network meetings, enhancing the exchange between the respective members, clients and partners, with the purpose to increase and to facilitate international trade and economic co-operation between EU-member states and Norway, and vice-versa.