EUCCN Summer Reception 2019

Ionut Eriksen, Dumitru (Titi) Roman, Bjorn Skjervold, Preben Klovfjell and Cristian Turc participated on June 18th, on behalf of NOROCC, at the Summer Reception organized by the EU Chambers of Commerce in Norway (EUCCN) in Oslo.

The event gathered representatives of the German, Lithuanian, Brazilian, Spanish, Irish, Latvian, Polish, British, Singaporean and Romanian bilateral Norwegian chambers of commerce that have the headquarters in Oslo, as well as diplomats from Estonia and Lithuania, members of the EU Delegation to Norway in Oslo, members of the European Parliament and members of the European Movement Norway (Europabevegelsen).


The keynote speeches were held by Ms. Heidi Nordby Lunde, Chair of Europabevegelsen, who spoke about the 25 successful years of EEA Agreements, and by Ms. Monica Macovei, MEP for Romania, member of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, who discussed about EFTA’s benefits for Norway and the danger of the rise of extremism & populism for the future of the EU.

The main message we would like to share with you, as a conclusion of the debates which took place, was first voiced by Ms. Macovei, who underlined that we live turbulent times and that we need trustful allies, with whom we can work for a predictable future, based upon our common interests.